18 July 2024Proposed issue of securities - SVL

18 July 2024SVL Secures A$30.2 Million Convertible Debenture Funding

01 July 2024Initial Director's Interest Notice - Robert Dennis


We undertake to achieve superior levels of engagement within local communities.

Through the understanding of social, environmental and economic implications of our operations we seek to maximise the benefits and reduce any negative impacts on local communities and surrounds.

We aim to secure broad based support in communities as demonstrated by mutual respect, commitment and active partnership. Strong relationships help support our licence to operate.

A collaborative approach to challenges and opportunities with the broad spectrum of the local communities is essential not only with the involvement of nearby local communities but also the surrounding districts and townships.

Community participants include landholders and residents, cultural and traditional groups, government agencies, conservation groups, education institutions, businesses and other stakeholder groups.

Our business objectives include the promotion of local employment. In the first instance, staffing is to be locally sourced. Support goods and services required for the Company’s operations are also to be locally sourced as a first priority.


We take our environmental obligations seriously and seek to achieve full compliance with all environmental requirements and how best to manage.

We continually seek more environmentally friendly ways to operate to prevent, minimise, mitigate and remediate environmental impacts including impacts on air, water, land and biodiversity.


We are committed to ensuring we maintain a safe workplace for its employees and contractors.

We promote the development of a strong safety culture with a comprehensive safety operational system. Aspects include training, hazard identification, risk assessment, implementation of procedures, communications, response protocols and reporting.


We are committed to the further training and education for all our employees.

A diversity of skills, knowledge, experience and ideas will help us face challenges and allows for innovation in our operations. Providing a safe and inclusive workplace for our people is imperative. It important for our people to be pursuing interesting and challenging careers and being properly rewarded for helping deliver a strong and successful enterprise.

As part of our education policy, we will provide information and education opportunities to the wider community including local and regional education institutions.